“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”
– Robin Williams
“He who laughs last laughs longest.”
– John Heywood
“Contrary to popular belief, the experience of terror does not make you braver. perhaps though, it is easier to hide your fear when you’re afraid all the time.”
– David Benioff

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Mars Roberts



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Short Film, 2019


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The malfunction


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Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (2020) - Semi-Finalist at Transparent Film Festival (2020)

Nightmare of a night

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“The arrival of an uninvited guest is just the beginning of a very long night.”

CFIFF Changing Face International Film Festival Best Horror Short Monthly Winner
Best Scene Editing and Best Scene Sound at the Scene Festival May 2020
Official Selection DMOFF Festival



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“When Brian's wife and daughter are kidnapped by a mad man known only as "Artifice," he and his brother Dom are sent on a perilous journey to get them back.”


TV Series


Every TV Sitcom family has issues, but the Namurt's... they're something else. When Barbara forgets to take her pills, things start to spiral out of control.

Fan Reviews

416woods said “ Get a job”

childrenllama said “Saw your videos, honestly I was confused at first wondering what the fuck was going on then realized u weren’t acting go get help”

Cirus_92 said “too much weed?”

Traveller_0137 said “This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen this year. Please remove this post.”

Jake.laspisa2 said “I feel bad for the mothers that told you it was a good idea to act, Bane from DKR has more expression than both of you, w/ a mask on lmao”

Yalike_jazz7132 said “ Next mass shooter I’m calling it”

Christianthechilders said “ Dude what are you doing”


My Story

The path that led me here began with Halloween. Halloween was the one day every year that I got to don a mask and play another character. I would plan for that night for weeks, making my own costume and rehearsing the precise way that character would walk and talk. For one glorious night, I was someone else. I never felt more at home than on Halloween. While some people choose to become an artist, I have always been one. It just took me time to figure out that the masks I crafted each year for Halloween night were in me all along. All I needed to do was connect to myself, approach life with vulnerability, perform with imagination, learn from others, and tell the story. And that’s what I am going to do for the rest of my life.


1-year Intensive study under Bridget Berger

BFA - Carnegie Mellon University.

Broadway actress: The Pajama Game, Curtains, Jersey Boys (Mary Delgado); Off-Broadway:

Acting performance coach to Grammy and Emmy winning artists. Acting coach: ABC’s Nashville (4 seasons)


1- year Dialect and classical literature study under Kim Bretton

Kim has worked predominantly on the London stage both originating roles in West End productions and playing in long running shows both in London and on National and International tours. She has played in numerous Shakespeare and classical works as well as musical theatre and modern plays. Her TV and film credits include Call Red for ITV, Don’t Look Back for New Forest Films, the lead role in the short lived TV series Mentors and an obscene amount of radio and voice overs.



Behind the Scenes Gallery

Sneak peek into the world behind the camera and the people who make it possible. I have had an incredible time working with the most talented individuals out there. You have no idea all that goes into making a project a reality!

New York City


Mars Roberts